BulletProof Diesel

Truck people love their trucks. We love them for their rugged durability, for the long hard hours they put in at work, and for the weekends of fun they allow us to tow out to the lake or camp grounds. Unfortunately, as with all things they each have their weaknesses.

On the 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke Turbo Diesels those major weaknesses are in the oil and EGR cooler systems. But don’t panic! Lucore Automotive and BulletProof Diesel have the solution to keep your truck running strong for years to come. As the ONLY certified installers of the patented BulletProof Diesel products in Ohio, we would be happy to add your truck or van to our success stories.

What all do we do? Well here are some examples!

  • BulletProof Diesel Water Pump
  • BulletProof Diesel FICM
  • BulletProof Diesel EGR Cooler setup
  • BulletProof Diesel Engine Oil Cooler w/ relocated filter
  • Upgraded Hardened Valve seats, ARP Head studs, and much much more!


Interested in learning more? Curious what we can do for YOUR powerstroke? Call or stop in today!