Clutch Repair

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Clutch Repair

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Are you driving with a slipping or chattering clutch?

Is your engine revving away your expensive gas investment without moving your vehicle even an inch? Do you find yourself having to downshift more often than you should when climbing hills? Did you buy your car used from an 18 to 26 year old with a “Fast and the Furious” t-shirt on? These are just a few signs that your clutch may need to be replaced.

The average life of a clutch is between 90,000 and 100,000 miles under normal driving conditions. That’s assuming that you’ve never done things that could cause premature damage. We can all agree that dropping the clutch at absurdly high rpm is wrong, and irresistibly fun, but your clutch is screaming for mercy. Spending time stuck in the snow this winter, using clutch tricks like “second gear starts” in an effort to escape the grasp of the snow is also cause for clutches to overheat and eventually fail.

Regardless of driving practices, all clutches will eventually begin to slip or chatter, disks will warp and throw out bearings will wear out, que sera, sera. Luckily, Lucore automotive has an extensive line of new clutches available to serve your needs. These new clutches are quality built buy trusted names, so you know that they will last and endure the test of time. So call (614) 873-4470 today and find a great price on a new clutch today!

We always recommend resurfacing of the flywheel to ensure proper clutch break-in.

In the case where the flywheel cannot be resurfaced, it should be replaced with a new unit to ensure the maximum life from your new clutch disc.

We install clutches in all make & model cars & light trucks, call for pricing.

Clutch kits include Clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing & clutch alignment tool.