Customer Rides

Customer Rides


2015 Ford Mustang

Brian and his wife brought us their Rally going Mustang for some suspension work several months ago and have been helping them with changes/tweaks ever since. Being used for a variety of driving types, from racing to daily driver to long distance rally, it’s paramount that the car is dialed in and still well behaved. Ready for a day at the track or the long winding roads of the Rally North America stages we’ve got her tracking right!

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1965 Pontiac GTO

Stephen called and had us perform some upgrades to his 1965 Pontiac GTO
-Starting by updating the steering column with modern tilt & turn signals. With that we installed a custom collapsing steering shaft in the car. The collapsing shaft will allow for driver safety in the event of an accident.
-Changed out the factory upper and lower control arms with improved geometry tubular control arms allowing for more modern alignment settings and stiffer ride characteristics. They also utilize Delalum bushings to really firm up the control arm movement
-We upgraded the front sway bar to a 1.5 inch to reduce body roll in the corners
-The old steering gear was worn out so that was replaced with a new unit that is 2.5 turns lock to lock to improve handling over the stock unit. The new unit also solved a chronic Power Steering fluid leak from the old worn out gear.
-When we finished all these modifications the alignment was dialed in with a custom set-up that makes this rather large car hug the road and handle corners like a champ.



1957 Jaguar C-Type Roadster

David reached out to us to help get this family heirloom in proper working order, specifically there was a lot of exhaust work to be figured out! On a ride this unique nothing comes off the shelf so custom fabrication was the name of the game. Using a pair of headers he had previously purchased but just weren’t quite right we notched, clearanced, and modified in order to work around the tight confines of his engine bay. Once the headers were resolved we bent and routed some custom piping back to a small set of mufflers then flared them out for that old school racecar side exit look. She sounds great, looks eye catching, and is well on her way to restoration!


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1955 Chevy

Bob called us for some help ironing out some bugs on the new drive-train his this beauty. Having installed a brand new Chevy Smallblock crate motor from ATK there were some bugs that needed to be ironed out, and we were happy to help! Working through some pre-existing wiring issues one step at a time she got into running condition. With some exhaust modifications and O2 sensor installs we were able to get the FAST EFI fuel system dialed in, some minor tweaks to the MSD ignition system and this little stroker motor is healthy! Once the under hood issues were resolved we moved on to some custom alignment setup in order to allow this beautiful ride to glide down the road as well as hug some corners.


1963 AMC Rambler convertible

Bob brought us this fantastic little AMC Rambler in need of some love. Removing/rebuilding the carburetor, and replacing a faulty starter solenoid she was once again purring like a kitten. While in the shop at the customers request we also installed some custom adjustable seat mounts and seat belts. Ready for the road, drop the top and let’s go!