Customer Testimonials

With all of the different rating and review options out there, we have compiled a few of those we have received to share here. Personalized service and pride in our work, are two of the main differences between Lucore Automotive Services and your average chain shop. To us, you are a name, a car or truck, and a story… not just a number.

Morgan L. 1/26/2017 From ColumbusRacing

“Wanted to give a nod to Austin over at Lucore.

I was in need of a clutch replacement on the Audi and was struggling to find a shop that was willing to take on the job for a decent rate, primarily due to providing my own parts (completely expected). Lucore was one of the few shops that actually seemed to welcome the work (Dozzer being the other, the timing just worked out better here).

Austin was very responsive throughout the process in getting me a quote, starting the work, and completing the work quicker than expected. He also kept me updated on the progress via pictures and texts, and even ran around the city to help me track down a slave cylinder.

I’ve been doing all maintenance and repairs myself for the past couple years, so wasn’t too thrilled about having to go to a shop; however, Lucore did great and I’ll definitely give them an opportunity in the future if/when I need more work done.”

Joe K. 12/2016 From Google

“Outstanding service, professional workmanship and unbeatable pricing. I’ve dealt with dealerships and other shops for many years but nothing compares. Extremely friendly and professional staff that offers the comfort of a well operated family owned business while also providing peace of mind knowing your car will be fixed right.”

Nick B. 11/2016 From Google

“Fantastic service! I took my S10 into them for alignment, I had just done full tubular suspension up front along all new suspension out back. I gave them the challenge of getting it to the custom alignment specs I gave them. They did it! My S10 drives beautifully down the road and handles better than ever. I can’t thank them enough for the great job they did.”

Cody S. 10/2016 From Google

“One of the last of its kind, a true dying breed. This shop truly does care for its customers. Austin went above and beyond for me. I have a hour-long commute and teach during the day. Austin was incredibly kind enough to come to my work and get the car and get it taken care of. He returned it to me before my day was over with the key, receipts, and printout in the passenger seat. He also sent me updates via text and also sent me picture updates. He also gave me his cell to give to another tire shop regarding a tire issue. He could have made money but chose the customer’s safety over profit.

Guys, this is truly a shop that cares about its customers. Go here.”

Douglas S. 10/1/2016 From 

“I took my mother’s car up here to have it aligned from almost two hours away. Ended up hitting a lot of traffic in Circleville and was about 10 minutes late. We called to let them know and they were extremely understanding. Once up here, I did have a slight wait due to having issues with getting the tires off, but the waiting area was more than comfortable so I didn’t mind. Didn’t try to part us to death. We were extremely satisfied with the overall experience.”

Amanda M. 9/2016 From Google 

“I am new to the Columbus area– right before I moved my AC went out the week after I had it charged and serviced. The auto service store I took it to looked at the AC unit for twenty minutes and decided I needed a new compressor for 800+ dollars. Needless to say I said no to that and moved. I then went to Lucore Automotive purely on a whim– I basically googled auto services in the area and they were the first ones I called. It took three total visits to fix the AC– two I would call diagnostic/figuring out what’s wrong and one to fix. It was not the compressor– that “fix” would have done squat and been costly. I appreciate a company that takes their time to find out what the actual problem is and fix it. It turned out to be a different part (I can’t remember which one!) That wasn’t working, which they replaced. A little over a month later my AC works beautifully and the cost was reasonable for the amount of time it took. I recommend lucore automotive to anyone. Oh and also they have insanely comfortable couches in their waiting room– a nice perk if you have to wait on your car!”

Matthew J. 8/26/2016 From 

“Went in to do an alignment , knowing mine was really bad I was unsure if it would be fixed easily due to some suspension issues. In a timely manor they got it fully aligned and went above and beyond the work order to be sure it would ride great by doing extra grinding work to the rear struts to line it up to the front.

I wont be going to any other mechanic anymoe, only lucore if it’s something I can’t fix at home.”

Larry G. 6/27/2016 From

“Without question, Lucore is the most reliable and honest automotive repair service that I have ever experienced. My family has used Lucore for over 5 years, all services, engine rebuilding, oil changes, etc..

We have always been treated well and our cars have never had a related issue post any repair that was ever performed. Rich, Dave, Austin, are all very experienced in managing auto repair and services.”

B.S. 4/15/2016 From Better Business Bureau (

“its nice to find a place that will work on older v w. They were fast, prices were fair employees from the front to back was top notch.”

Dave 2/26/2016 From 

“I had a great experience at Lucore automotive today. They took the time to diagnose my Forester and help me find an issue that I have been chasing for months. I drove an hour and it was worth it. If you have a stock or modded Subaru they will tackle it.”


A.W. 1/17/2016 From Better Business Bureau (

“Took my car in to get my muffler upgraded and it turned out great! Great service, friendly staff, and awesome pricing! I will definitely be coming back for my future automotive needs. I have already recommend Lucore to my friends and family!”