Race Cars

Whether it’s a purpose built race car in need of a custom alignment, a corner carving cone chasing auto-cross machine, or a pile of american muscle designed to make thunder and run down a quarter mile track as quickly as possible, we are here to help! Below are just a few of the cars we have either helped support or built and raced ourselves.

Last fall several of our Lucore team had a chance to get on the track at Mid-Ohio and turn some laps at an HPDE event! These High Performance Driving Events are ideal for the beginning racer looking to get some quality seat time and instruction from knowledgeable experienced racers. Hosted by the wonderful people at Auto Interests our team was able to learn the layout of the track, learn the proper etiquette of road course racing, and put down some exciting hot laps! Even though this was not a timed event, everyone attending the day had the competitive spirit pumping and counted as an incredible opportunity. Maybe we’ll see you there next year!

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