Subaru Service

As one of the most loved and respected brands to be found on American roads today Subaru products have never been more popular, and as one of the leading area independent shops we are here to help maintain them! From timing belts and water pumps, to oil and filter changes, to full custom motor builds and suspension setups, we are here to support the Subaru community. New to the Subaru community? Or are you an experienced multiple generation buyer? Either way let’s go over a few things.

Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance!

 A standard Subaru Maintenance schedule is as follows (Some vehicles may vary)

  • Oil Change Service (every 3,000 – 5,000 miles)
  • Minor Service (every 7,500 miles)
  • Intermediate Service I (every 15,000 miles)
  • Major Service I (30,000 and 90,000 miles)
  • Major Service II (60,000 and 120,000 miles)
  • Timing Belt Service (105,000 miles)


Goodness that looks like a lot to stay ahead on, is that what you just said? Fear not Subbie owner we are here to help! Much of what these services consist of are “checks and inspections” so we are taking a visual inspection of key components. Is a belt cracked? Are fluids leaking? Does a sensor need replaced or wiring repaired? All of these are questions that can be answered once a qualified technician begins the inspection process.

Don’t become that Subaru owner with their broken car listed on Craigslist! With a quick browse through the For Sale section you’ll always find cars for sale with “Blown Motors”, or “Needs head work”, or “Cranks but won’t start” unfortunately a large majority of these situations would have been avoided with proper maintenance. Services such as the Timing Belt Service though they ARE some of the more expensive preventative can keep your Subaru car or truck running down the road for years to come. Unsure if yours has been done? Interested in getting an inspection or service performed by our highly qualified technicians? Call today to schedule!