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Why are my tires wearing unevenly?

Tires wear unevenly because they are not aligned properly. For a vehicle to be aligned properly, all of the suspension components must be tight including ball joints, control arms, and tie rod ends. If just one of them has excessive play, it can cause the entire car to feel loose and will cause premature and uneven tire wear.

Why does my car lean excessively around corners?
In most cases, this is caused by worn out struts or shocks. When they are old or abused, the internal pressure and fluid leaks out, leaving their dampening abilities at an all time low. Another item that can cause your vehicle to lean like a river boat is your sway bar end links. The sway bar itself prevents side to side leaning of the vehicle by connecting the suspension on one side of the vehicle to the suspension on the opposite side. This would not be possible without the sway bar end links. Sway bar end links are the only connection between the sway bar and the suspension. If they are disconnected, or broken, the sway bar is 100 percent ineffective. These are commonly replaced parts on all vehicles, and improve ride quality immensely.

Why does my car clunk and rattle over bumps?
When a car clunks and rattles over bumps, there may be loose items rolling around in your trunk. If your trunk is empty, then it is time to check for worn out bushings in the suspension system. Control arms, upper struts mounts, and sway bar end links are the 3 most common causes.

Any loose items in your suspension system should be cause for concern. We carry a wide variety of replacement suspension parts for the do it yourselfers. Ball joints, axles, complete control arms, struts, and sway bar end links, we’ve got em! Check out your suspension, then check out our website for all your automotive needs.